Transportation is not only what do you use in your daily life, but it could be also everything. It could be about how do you manage to get your food, it could be about your life style, it could be about how a city develop their socioeconomics, and yes, it could be about how are you going to take your date to your favorite place :)

So, through this platform, I want to share everything that I have felt, learned, & experienced about transportation.


This page is intended to share any thoughts or idea related to transportation engineering.

The up to date technologies, methods and system from any relevant and reliable source might be shared.


A brief story of my involvements on several projects related to transportation / infrastructure in the past. 


I love travelling. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience through travelling. People and culture are different from one place to another. Pictures of my journeys are shared here :)

© 2018 by Ali Aryo Bawono

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Tram in Barcelona