Projects which I've been involved in

Here is a brief explanation about my involvements on several projects that related to road engineering or transport modeling. All of these projects was completed referred to the national/international standard. 

Most of these projects are related to the structural part of the pavement and also geometric design which are my main responsibilities as a Highway Engineer in MoPW. Nevertheless, I am also interested in trasport modelling as transportation still plays a big role in Indonesia.

Project 10. Building Information Modelling for the Central Corridor for High Grade Highway Sumatera
August 13 – September 2013


Another BIM project was also led by me with the scope of the planning phase, detailed engineering design, to modeling and scheduling. The project was intended as a preliminary study in choosing the best central corridor for the High Grade Highway (HGH) Sumatera which accordance with standard code design. Stretch from Banda Aceh to Bandar Lampung, the length of the High Grade Highway Sumatera is about 2500 km.

Project 9. Building Information Modelling for the Ngarai Sianok – Balinka Tunnel Project
July 13 – September 2013


A comprehensive BIM pilot project was led by me. With the help of 10 engineers, we were developing from the programming/ planning phase, detailed engineering design, to modeling and management/scheduling by using the AutoDesk software: AutoCad 3D for the road design, InfraWorks and 3DsMax. The first project was a DED for Tunnel from Ngarai Sianok to Balinka, located in Sumatera Island. The scopes within the project itself are the main tunnel (about 1.3 km) and national highway (about 3.5 km).

Project 8. West Borneo - Malaysia Border National Road Design 
April 12 – December 2012

As a project officer, for the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) which consists of parallel roads of Kalimantan – Malaysia National Border. The DED length project is about 95 km, starting from Temajuk to Ketungau Hulu, which is located in the province of West Kalimantan, I need to ensure the DED is in line with the scopes. The scopes include structural design, geometrical, drainage, geotechnical, and EE which accordance with the design manual and the specification of the DGH. 

Project 7. Pilot Project of Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing


Preservation is important in order to maintain the condition/ service life of the pavement. Slurry Seal and micro surfacing is one of many ways to maintain the pavement, specifically to maintain the surface layer to cover up little cracking. It is an emulsified asphalt with 0.5 – 1 cm of the thickness.

Project 6. Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Survey for North Java Corridor Pavement Analysis


As one of the engineers, I was involved in FWD Survey to determine the deterioration model of the pavement, both for the rigid and the flexible pavement. The FWD Survey was done using the FWD vehicle with geophones to check the deflection. FWD testing was done on each lane for both directions at intervals of 100 meters testing. While in joint, was conducted at intervals of 200 meters.

Project 5. Weight in Motion (WIM) / Vehicle Damage Factor (VDF) 


Overloading is a big  issue in Indonesia. There are many cases in primary/arterial roads, especially in the North Java Corridor, which known as the main location for business/economic central in Indonesia

In order to identify the overloading, the DGH doing the traffic counting and WIM surveying. Not only to identify how much the real loading but also to study the deterioration of the pavement. 

Project 4. Engineering Estimates


The objective of the project is to update the software of Engineering Estimate to adjust to the latest revision of the DGH Technic Specification. Engineering Estimate software is using Microsooft Excel which is used to calculate the initial cost of a project by considering the workers, materials, methods and tools/machines used. The DGH Specifications itself consists of ten divisions.

Project 3. Evaluation Study of Pilot Project of PPCP Kanci Pejagan


This project was to evaluate the Pilot Project of Prestress Precast Concrete Pavement (PPCP) at Kanci Pejagan. The PPCP design itself has 20 cm thick, width 2.5 m and length 7.75 m (Central and Base Panels). While for the Joint panel is 20 cm thickness, width 1.25 m and length 7.75 m. Each segment consists of three parts: base panel, central panel and joint panel. Total length of each segment is 100 m.Kanci - Pejagan Toll Road along 14 km. 

Project 2. Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Jakarta-Tangerang Tollway
April 09 – December 09


It is a reconstruction/rehabilitation project of one segment (about 26 km length) of the Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road. The scope of this project is including scrapping, filling and overlay, Rigid Pavement reconstruction (Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement /JPCP), drainage improvement, cement grouting, and crack sealing.

Project 1. Traffic Impact Analysis due to Medco Tower Building Construction


Graha Energi building (Medco Tower) located in SCBD (Sudirman Central Bussines District Area), begun it’s operation in the middle of 2008 and fully operated in 2009. Planned as a 43 story building, will be completed with addition of public facilities, restaurants, parking lots, and other supporting facilities. The goal is to analyze the traffic impact due to the building development to the network performance of SCBD. 

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